Archives Soto
Vibrations 1958 Ángel Hurtado

Vibrations. 1958. Directed by Ángel Hurtado. Venezuela © Archives Soto / All Rights Reserved

A new vision of Art [Una nueva visión del arte]. 1955 – 2002. Directed by Ángel Hurtado. Venezuela.

Bruselas. 1963. Directed by Jesús Soto. Belgium. Belgian Television.

Mobile Sculpture at the Lambda Theatre, by Soto, Takis and pol Bury. 1964. Directed by British Movietone Newa, England.

Soto, Takis, Pol Bury. 1964. Directed by British Broadcasting Corporation. England.

Kinetic Art comes to London. 1964. Directed by Hazel Swift. England. Central Office of Information of London.

Kinetic Art, works by Soto, Carmago and Takis. 1964. Directed by British Broadcasting Corporation. England.

Did you see your statue move. 1965. Directed by J. Arthur Rank. England. Ashmolean Museum London Oxford.

Latin American Art Today. 1964. Directed by Central Office of Information with the collaboration of Signals London. England.

Sounding two at Signals London. 1965. Directed by National Broadcasting Corporation of America. Canada and The United States.

Science and the Artist. 1965. Directed by Ramsay Short. England. British Broadcasting Corporation.

Soto at Signals. 1965. Directed by Jack Bond. England. British Broadcasting Corporation.

Soto. 1967. Directed by Jean Jacques Copetta. France.

Soto. 1968. Directed by Vitorrio Armentano. Italy.

Soto. 1968. Directed by Croce. France.

Soto film by Catherine Zins Terra Luna Films

Soto. 1995. Directed by Catherine Zins. France. Terra Luna Films © Archives Soto / All Rights Reserved

Soto. 1969. Directed by Kunsthalle Nuremberg. Germany.

Soto o la voluntad. 1972. Directed by Alfred Brandler. Venezuela. Bolivar Films, Alfred Brandler, Neo Cine.

Jesús Soto. 1979. Directed by Venezolana de Televisión Canal 5. Venezuela.

Soto. 1980. Directed by Rita Herscovici Riesz. Venezuela. Unidad de video del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas.

Jesús Soto. 1982. Directed by Fundación Neumann. Venezuela.

Soto. 1995. Directed by Catherine Zins. France. Terra Luna Films.

Soto, no tengo prisa. 2006. Directed by Chuchito Sanoja. Venezuela.

Rostros de Venezuela. Jesús Soto. 2009. Venezuela. Colombeia TV.

Jesús Soto como icono del cinetismo en el mundo. 2013. Venezuela. Vive Orinoco.

Soto. 2019. Directed by Nahikari Arias. Spain. Guggenheim Bilbao Museum.