Banco Central de Venezuela (EN)

“El gran mural de las escrituras” is a monumental work (2.18 x 12.75 m) installed in 1973 at the Central Bank of Venezuela.

Soto El gran mural de las escrituras 1973 Central Bank of Venezuela Caracas

Soto. “El gran mural de las escrituras”, 1973
218 x 1275 cm
Banco Central de Venezuela, Caracas
Photo Nicolás Serrano © Archives Soto

The building houses several artworks by Soto, including the “Mural Cavendes” which was placed in 2019 in the institution’s headquarters.

Soto 1977 Mural CavendesBanco Central de Venezuela Caracas

Soto. “Mural Cavendes”, 1977
350 x 678 x 43 cm
Banco Central de Venezuela, Caracas
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